Premium Quality Range of Mosquito Repellant Coatings, Sprays and Solutions manufactured in Nigeria.

Mozzi™ is a revolutionary, multi-functional mosquito repellant range that is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-toxic
  • Innovative (Nanotechnology-based)
  • Environment (and human) friendly

Mozzi™ not only protects against mosquitoes but also:

  • Bacteria spores
  • Moulds
  • Dust mites
  • Bed bugs.

How does Mozzi work?

Mozzi™ neutralises a mosquito’s sensors and prevents the mosquito from landing. If a mosquito cannot land it cannot feed, which means it cannot transfer disease.

Mozzi™  is a user friendly product that is not a poisonous spray, you do not apply to your skin but you apply the Mozzi™  range to your walls, fabrics, surfaces and clothing creating a halo of protection against mosquitoes and other microscopic pests.

Mozzi™ provides non-invasive protection against...

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For over 100 years, International Paint has successfully provided solutions to the global marine industry's constantly evolving needs and earned a reputation of trust and quality.

Our marine coatings are engineered to deliver proven performance in service whilst representing value for money. Environmental responsibility is a major feature of the marine coatings offer; particularly in terms of new product introductions and ongoing global research programmes.

Our winning formula is a policy of "Constant Revolution" - a continuous commitment to develop new products and services, clearly focused on maximising customers' return on investment in shipbuilding and vessel operation - worldwide.

Our industrial products continue to dominate in their sectors. We manufacture a wide range of air-dry QD paints and coatings which offer superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Purchased any wooden furniture lately? Chances are that the wood finish on your purchase came directly from our factory. Chemspec is the leading supplier of stains and wood finish products to the South African furniture manufacturing industry, with an estimated market share in the region of 75%. Included in our Industrial offering is an assortment of specialist coatings and solvent products for specific applications.

International Protective Coatings offer a technologically driven product range to protect steel structures at new construction and maintenance in a wide range of aggressive environments and industries.

All of International Protective Coatings' products are manufactured using consistent formulations throughout the world. This ensures that customers receive the same high quality coatings and service levels wherever the project is located.

We are dedicated to the promotion of coatings which have minimum impact on the environment. The continuing development of water borne and high solids technology is therefore a focus for future development.

International standards

PCMN has the superior product offering and highly skilled workforce to offer the Nigerian marketplace globally competitive quality and technologically advanced paint systems.
Our PROMA range is proudly 100% Nigerian and world-class – boasting over 30,000 colours and a vast range of finishes (gloss, matt, satin, interior and exterior) to suit our customers’ needs.

Local skills

We continually review our supplier base, ensuring that we maximise opportunities for locally manufactured and resourced supplies in every facet of our business. We are as dedicated to manufacturing products in Nigeria that are of equal or better quality to those traditionally imported into Nigeria as we are to creating job opportunities.
Our experienced team of Chemists and Factory Managers in Nigeria is continually developing and mentoring our Team, driving the cycle of improvement and enabling PCMN to deliver product that meets...

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PCMN Plc holds the sole manufacturing and distribution rights in Nigeria to International Paint – the world market leader in protective coatings. This means that when you partner with PCMN Plc you gain access to World Best quality, high-performance and anti-corrosion Coating Systems, including the World’s Leader in Passive Fire Protection for the Oil & CGAs Industry – Chartek Fire Proofing.

PCMN Plc is ISO 9001 ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 certified, ensuring that not only do we meet all quality standards set out by International Paint but also Global Quality HSE & Environmental standards, too.

Our coatings meet the highest performance requirements and are approved to numerous industry standards, such as Norsok M501, ISO 20340, ISO 22899 and company standards such as the Shell DEP and ExxonMobil GP, TOTAL GS Cor, Chevron, Addax, AGIP etc .

Industry focus includes:...

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Speciality Flooring and Wall Systems

As a result of the growing demand in Nigeria for specialised Flooring Solutions for Industry, PCMN Plc is proud to have secured an exclusive Manufacturing License for ‘Resbuild’ Product Range from Resin Building Products in the UK.

RBP is a niche developer and manufacturer of Specialised Floor and Wall Lining systems developing and manufacturing their specialised Range of Floor & Wall Coatings for use across all facets of Industrial and Commercial applications.

PCMN Plc has in house technical and application experts available in Nigeria to provide specifications, Inspection services and application of systems to suit clients needs, including training of Contractor Personnel to develop an in house application team, offering a total solution to your Specialised Flooring and wall System needs.

The Range of Solutions is vast, and PCMN Plc through Resbuild, is able to provide a solution for virtually...

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Surface Preparation and Application Requirements

PCMN Plc offers to its customers, a complete service to meet all of their needs.

To support these efforts, PCMN Plc has teamed up with Blastrite South Africa as a Distributor for Nigeria.

Additionally, PCMN Plc has teamed up with other niche suppliers globally to provide the Nigerian marketplace with an ever widening variety of Tools, Plant and Equipment for use in the Corrosion Protection Industry.

Abrasive Manufacture and Supply

Blastrite are Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Abrasive Blasting materials. With roots in abrasive media production, Blastrite owns four minerals processing facilities around South Africa

With a vast array of solutions to customer needs, Blastrite manufactures the following abrasives for industry:

  • ...
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