Surface Preparation and Application Requirements

PCMN Plc offers to its customers, a complete service to meet all of their needs.

To support these efforts, PCMN Plc has teamed up with Blastrite South Africa as a Distributor for Nigeria.

Additionally, PCMN Plc has teamed up with other niche suppliers globally to provide the Nigerian marketplace with an ever widening variety of Tools, Plant and Equipment for use in the Corrosion Protection Industry.

Abrasive Manufacture and Supply

Blastrite are Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Abrasive Blasting materials. With roots in abrasive media production, Blastrite owns four minerals processing facilities around South Africa

With a vast array of solutions to customer needs, Blastrite manufactures the following abrasives for industry:

  • Mineral Slag
  • Garnet
  • Steel Grit
  • Steel Shot
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Glass Beads
  • Glass Grit
  • Plastic Grit
  • Roadmarking Glass Beads
  • Sintered Bauxite
  • Sinterblast
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

PCMN Plc presently stocks large volumes of Mineral Slag, along with Garnet, Steel Shot and Steel grit to meet its clients’ needs, and can also supply and stock any of the other products manufactured by Blastrite for its clients in Nigeria.

Surface Preparation Equipment, Tools and Consumables

A wide variety of tools, equipment and consumables are kept by PCMN Plc to allow customers to have a continuity of supply and capacity to produce.

Due to the very wide variety of differing surface preparation methods adopted by customers PCMN Plc are able to provide a large variety of solutions to your needs.

PCMN Plc holds stocks in Nigeria of Spray Units and Spray consumables of various sizes and types to meet the varied needs of its customers both in the Protective & Marine Coatings Industry as well as in the General Industrial and Decorative Painting Industry

Technical Support

PCMN Plc is further able to offer customer support in the technical fields, including development of blast rooms, spray rooms, blast and spray yards and material handling equipment placement, to ensure that its clients enjoy the all round support of PCMN Plc in ensuring its clients have the most cost effective, streamlined and productive plant, tools, equipment and consumable items with which to perform their works.

For further details, please consult the Blastrite website or contact PCMN Plc directly