About Us

PCMN commenced business in Nigeria in 2001 in Port Harcourt, as the Sole distributor of International Paints Protective coatings and Marine coatings, the worlds leading brand for the Oil & Gas Industry

The company pursued its vision of providing world class service to its clients in Nigeria and has enjoyed great success in attaining a position of prominence in the Oil & Gas sector in its years since inception.

As a result of the demand for World Class 1st Paints & Coatings from discerning Nigerian businesses and individuals, PCMN has made the transition to provide Nigeria with world class paints & coatings manufactured in Nigeria, and has formed agreements and licenses with its principle brand partners to manufacture, market and sell the key products provided by these world leading brands.

PCMN is proud to offer Nigeria a complete bouquet of locally manufactured and supported 21st century leading brand products in all fields of paints and coating manufacture and support.

PCMN is not merely a supplier of paints & coating systems, but a partner to you in your needs relating top paints and coatings from system specification, manufacturer and provider of products and related tools and equipment and provides technical and application support and training to its customers.

Vision and Mission

Paints and Coatings Manufacturers Nigeria Plc has a vision to entrench itself as a world class provider of Protective Coating Systems to the Oil & Gas sector, and to develop itself into Nigeria’s leading manufacturer and distributor of all forms of paints and protective coating systems to help its Nigerian customers enjoy the benefits of the worlds leading technologies in paints and coatings manufacture from a local company. The company’s philosophy is to promote a culture of excellence through emphasis on:

  • Manufacture and Distribution of world class products
  • Provision of world class customer service and world class fully trained employees.
  • Development of alliances with world leading technology partners to ensure the cutting edge technology is available to the company.